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Calling all Ladies: Ladies Bunco Night 3/29 at 6:30

Join us for a fun night of bunco at the Rabbit Room , 3/29/17 @ 6:30. To register and find out more, click here >

Jan 2017: The HF-L Education Fund Provides a Little “Stability” to Middle School!

Through the resources from the HF-L Education Fund, we were able to supply three, colorful and fun stability balls for the Middle School.  The balls help the students keep focus and structure and maybe, if they are lucky and working hard they might get to bounce on them just a little.

“The whole theory with the brain is that when your body’s engaged, your brain’s engaged,” Miller, an out of district Elementary Teacher said. “I call it actively sitting. They’re maybe moving their legs a little, wiggling some. But their upper body, they’re focused on writing, on the teacher. It really works.”

This was a matching grant so Middle School PTA also supplied 3 for classroom use.


November 29th:  ROC the DAY

Please join the HF-L Education Fund and the United Way on November 29th to ROC the DAY for all our local charities.  If you visit  you will find a list of local and Rochester charities you can donate to during ROC the DAY!  Of course, we would appreciate your consideration of the HF-L Education Fund.  It is our mission to support creative educational initiatives that go above and beyond our school districts requirements. We have granted over $12K in resources to HF-L Staff since our inception in 2010 and with your help can continue to give financial resources to our school district in the future.  Our grants have included, Legos for primary school as well as organizer caddies, equipment for Cougar News at the Manor School, a musical grant to create an original composition (Middle School) and waders for biology class along with resources to build a makers space in the High School.


Oct 8th: HF-L Homecoming Parade

The Education Fund had a wonderful time participating in the homecoming parade and handing out apples to the crowd. We were happy our float made it through the rain. Thank you to the Apple Farm for donating the apples, Katy Wright for the great music, and Josh’s Landscape for letting us use their facility to assemble the float out of the rain. We have a wonderful community!